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David Crosby, field manager and owner, has been involved in the construction of trails throughout the United States for over nineteen years and has acted as project manager on many different locations, each with their own unique problems and solutions. During this time, he has built recreational trails in extremely diverse environments, from bare basalt hillsides requiring extensive blasting in Southeast Washington to the rhododendron thickets of north Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. He spent four seasons designing and building trail in the environmentally sensitive Sonoran Desert, and is well acquainted with the triple problem of highly erosive soils, very high public usage, and multiple fall lines. He has also installed many bridges for both road and trail use, including steel truss, glue-laminated, native logs, and steel girder.  


Although a young company, the principals of Red Construction LLC have over 19 years of experience in the trail business and feel strongly that they can fill an important niche.  We think a small, owner-operated company, composed of skilled and knowledgeable people with a good work ethic, can most economically and professionally execute the work needed to perform smaller contracts.   

Minimum overhead + Maximum efficiency = Optimal Value

What we Do

Trail Building

Our primary focus is building new trail, with many contracts having a design component.  The absolute most critical part of any build or design/build contract is good communication between the owner and the contractor.  We have the experience to ensure the owner receives the product they desire, from a multi-use and multi-directional trail requiring minimal maintenance, to something as specialized as a directional mountain bike trail.  Our specialty is highly sustainable trails built with minimal environmental impact.  Years of working in the field have helped to condition our eye to see storm water flow patterns, and we have developed the ability to build flowing contour trails on difficult terrain that accommodate those patterns.  This process accumulated thousands of hours of construction equipment operation.  These hours translate into a high skill level that results in minimal disturbance, whether operating our own mini-excavator at 30 inches wide or digging a 10 foot wide ski trail with a highway-sized machine.


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